Years ago,

An Angel has crossed my life.

What I feel though, is what I don’t understand.

Small talks happen here and there,

Is it love? I ask the air,

That blows around me. 

Every day, I see him.

Doing his own things.

Why can’t I be part of them?

I’m the one angel without wings.

In this cruel world,

I have no chance.

The angel that I witnessed

Falling from the sky,

Didn’t even have to say for me to know,

That he will never be mine. 



I’ve found my first, VERY old paintings on canvas and I have to say, they are terrible. But what’s better than showing it on the internet and completely embarrass myself?

What’s so funny is that I don’t remember them being THAT bad. I definitely see my progress while looking on these precious pieces..


So this is my VERY FIRST painting, I remember getting this canvas with little acrylic paints from my grandma. I painted this when I was 7 years old! Pretty crazy. Continue reading


Who would have thought that I will do an art commission on something I have never done before? Well, not me! My teacher kindly asked for a drawing of a building. And not just a building. A bloody cathedral from our city. I’m not going to lie, I got scared. Not just because I have never actually drawn a building so detailed before, but because of the time I had. The deadline is 26/5 and as you can tell, I made it. Uff..

Do you want to see the cathedral?


Creepy, right?  Continue reading