It’s amazing how a place, that looks so ordinary and dull in Summer, can look so beautful and unusual in Autumn. I personally do not enjoy Summer as much as any other season. So, as soon as I knew I’ll be able to go out and snap some pictures of rainy, autumn garden, I got REALLY excited. Here’s what caught my attention:

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Hello everybody.

Today, while making myself a cup of tea, my dad came and excitedly said: “Just two weeks and you’ll go to your new school!” You may know that from the 4th of September, I will be a student of an Art school. And honestly, I am absolutely terrified.

New classmates, new teachers, new classrooms and new expectations. From that moment, I can’t stop thinking about what if I won’t find any friends or what if the teachers will hate me. Or that all my art.. stuff will be the worst. I have no idea what to expect. Knowing that I will spend another 4 years in a place I have to clue about is scary.

So I figured out that I will write about it here to clear my head a little. And you guys give amazing advices. What would you do if you would be in this situation? And how do you overcome your fears?



Who enjoys sitting at home all the time, when you can travel? Not us. We decided to go on a little holiday. This time, though, we didn’t have to go far to find a perfect place.

I was desperate to finally run away from the places where I have spent time these days. I am the type of a person, who has to discover something new in order to feel happy. When I feel down, only thing I can think about is just packing my stuff and run away. So travel somewhere new was the perfect thing in the right time.

We went into this town right under the mountains. And it was, indeed, beautiful.

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After all the sunny, hot days that came after those rainy days, it started to be a little stormy outside. Which is what I absolutely love.

What is magical about this part of the year is that you can kind of tell the Summer is slowly going away. There is something special about end of the Summer that I cant’t get enough of.

All the stormy clouds running in the sky…


And the plants that are simply not as pretty as they were a month ago. They still look interesting.


I am honestly really excited for Autumn. I still cannot decide if it’s my favourite season, though. I love the colours, the fact that it’s not too hot or too cold, and the scary Halloween night is the best for planning a movie night with your friends and family. (Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, it’s still nice to plan something like that… We don’t celebrate it either). On the other side, Winter is a fairytale. The festive atmosphere brings smile on my face, and TONS of sweets into my stomach. Yum!

What is your favourite season and month? I absolutely love October in Autumn and December is Winter. 🙂