Remember the post, where I was struggling with my Art Style? Well, I still am. But I didn’t give up and I continued with my mindless doodling and sketching into my sketchbook and I want to show you what I did 🙂

If I’m really lost and I have NO IDEA what to draw, my one and only help is to browse Pinterest. There are so many amazing pictures of nature, people, clothing, interior design… pretty much anything you can think of.  And this specificly was a portrait of woman I found in there, so I tried to draw it. Yeah, I’ll be better…

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First of all, I would like to thank to all people that commented on the previous post. Your advices and support really helped me and got me on the right track for once again. You are the best!

I know that every single artist struggles with question “What’s my art style” at some point in their life. Do I want more cartoony style? Do I want to be realistic? Do I prefer painting? I’ve always struggled with this. I don’t think I’ve ever looked on my art and said: “I really like my art style in the moment.”  Continue reading


I am not trying to be selfish, but behind all these ugly or unfinished drawings and paintings, there are some that I am (or was) really proud of.

This is my newest full finished drawing I did, It may be Zoella, but it doesn’t really looks like.. I am just happy with how the hands surptisingly look like (except some little parts), and I love the jacket that she has on. I think this is my favourite drawing I’ve ever done so far..

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Drawing. Practicing, more specifically. People say that ‘Practice makes perfect’ and it’s true. Especially in Art. And because I’ve been really bad in drawing and practicing lately, I decided I will finally take it seriously and focus on a certain theme and practice that. I chose ‘Drawing people’

After all, this is what I draw most of the time and my little knowledge of anatomy is not helping at all. Because of that, I decided to sit down, take some notes about the interesting human body, take some reference photos and finally start what I should start a looong time ago. Continue reading


I finally managed to use my big canvas for a painting and oh boy, a special one!

My dad’s birthday is coming soon and I think he deserves a special gift. And as you may expect from me, of course, it’s a painting. He is a massive football fan and just like my whole family-fan of Liverpool. And I thought what is the most iconic thing about football in Liverpool? The Anfield stadium gate.


So majestic. Continue reading


I’ve found my first, VERY old paintings on canvas and I have to say, they are terrible. But what’s better than showing it on the internet and completely embarrass myself?

What’s so funny is that I don’t remember them being THAT bad. I definitely see my progress while looking on these precious pieces..


So this is my VERY FIRST painting, I remember getting this canvas with little acrylic paints from my grandma. I painted this when I was 7 years old! Pretty crazy. Continue reading


I finally have enough drawings and paintings for showing you! If I would be confident enough to show my worst artworks I would do this way earlier. But I am not. Not just yet. There will be some artworks that I’m not 100% happy with, but hey, no one is 100% happy with their work anyway.


This is a study of an eye I made with pastels. I am not really happy with how it turned out, especially the eyelashes, but the black pastel was so thick that there was no way of doing really thin line. Continue reading