Who enjoys sitting at home all the time, when you can travel? Not us. We decided to go on a little holiday. This time, though, we didn’t have to go far to find a perfect place.

I was desperate to finally run away from the places where I have spent time these days. I am the type of a person, who has to discover something new in order to feel happy. When I feel down, only thing I can think about is just packing my stuff and run away. So travel somewhere new was the perfect thing in the right time.

We went into this town right under the mountains. And it was, indeed, beautiful.


That place had every thing that proper holiday in the Czech Republic should have. Starting with amazing nature and peace all around, through swimming pools, hot tubs, good food and minigolf. We also spent one evening watching football, but as a Liverpool fan, match Man Utd vs. Real Madrid was not the one I  was really looking forward to.

IMG-20170808-WA0007 IMG_20170808_120104IMG_20170808_095518IMG_20170808_113101

I also cannot forget about this really cool restaurant we have been to one day for dinner. Old school, rustic decor was completed with music from 30’s.


I wouldn’t say it was pretty, not even ugly. It was just.. different. Edgy. Worth trying?


Do you ever feel like running away from everything? I felt like that before we left. Only thing I left at home was Steven Gerrard book I am currently reading, but that’s not what I mean (Even though I missed reading it for a while.) . After all, I feel like that every single time something happens to me. And I always wish for traveling more and more far away from my problems. If you ever played The Sims, there is this bad mood status saying: Stir Crazy– Sims should leave the house frequently for sanity’s sake. Shake with a community marinade for best results. (From not leaving the house).  Do you ever feel like this? If so, how do you deal with it? Let me know. 🙂




  1. Oh my gosh, that restaurant is so cute! All of your other photos are awesome, too.

    I’m glad you found a quick way to get over your “running away” feeling. I’m quite the opposite when I feel down, I just want to sit on my phone under my blankets for as long as possible, lol.

    But I also know the “stir crazy” feeling too… then I’ll go out on the town for some cocktails haha. Love The Sims reference btw. 😂

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  2. […] and my family also went on a holiday to the mountains, you could read about it in “Family Holiday”. It was so much fun! But would I be able to spend there more than five days? Yeah, no. I […]


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