After all the sunny, hot days that came after those rainy days, it started to be a little stormy outside. Which is what I absolutely love.

What is magical about this part of the year is that you can kind of tell the Summer is slowly going away. There is something special about end of the Summer that I cant’t get enough of.

All the stormy clouds running in the sky…


And the plants that are simply not as pretty as they were a month ago. They still look interesting.


I am honestly really excited for Autumn. I still cannot decide if it’s my favourite season, though. I love the colours, the fact that it’s not too hot or too cold, and the scary Halloween night is the best for planning a movie night with your friends and family. (Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, it’s still nice to plan something like that… We don’t celebrate it either). On the other side, Winter is a fairytale. The festive atmosphere brings smile on my face, and TONS of sweets into my stomach. Yum!

What is your favourite season and month? I absolutely love October in Autumn and December is Winter. 🙂




  1. I love Autumn! It’s just reminds me of movie nights and cosy jumpers. I like how you know exactly when Autumn starts because the leaves turn a magnificent orange and red. Halloween is another highlight – dressing up and decorating the house. My mum always complains that the days are so much shorter, but sometimes I love it. When I come home on the bus the sun is setting and the sky is so beautiful. :)) ❤️


    • About the short days, this is honestly a thing that annoys me, because when I go to school in the morning, is dark outside, and when I go back home, it’s dark again.. 😀 If those days would stay long like as they are in the summer, I would enjoy Autumn and Winter WAAAY more.

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  2. Great pictures! I like stormy days, too, especially with all the cool cloud formations, but I am deathly scared of tornadoes (I have yet to see one, though), so that hinders my enjoyment of them, haha. October is my favorite month, and autumn is my favorite season!! But I love little things about all four seasons and most months, as well:)

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