Because it was incredibly rainy weather yesterday, I decided to focus on one thing I love doing, but don’t do enough. And for once it was not drawing or painting. You guessed it-cooking.

But before all of that, I decided to head outside while it was raining. Again. If you are interested of what I saw, here are the pictures:


This was my breakfast.


These are just simple banana pancakes. To make these, you need bananas and eggs. Numbers of both are optional- depends on how much pancakes you want. I used two eggs and one banana + another banana for decoration. I also sprinkled it with little bit of sugar and cinnamon (optional).

My lunch


Chicken breast with potatoes. Simple lunch, I just put the breast on the pan with oil poured on, I cut potatoes on little circles and put on different pan. Eaaasy.

And dinner..


Again, it’s super simple. It may not look too appetizing, but it’s good. It’s just cut, fresh tomatoes with bits of mozzarella. And I also had a slice of fresh baguette. Such Italian/French food..

These were my dishes yesterday. I was super proud of myself, even though it was all super simple, it tasted good.

What did you have? Do you like to cook? Let me know. 🙂




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