Holidays just started and I decided to stay healthy and fit. And besides eating healthy, I actually wanted to start running. And that’s what I did today. And I took some pictures.

Now you may question me, how the hell were you able to took pictures while you were running? Honestly, I took some breaks. After all, it’s my first day, I’m not as fit as I should be. Or as I want to be.

I saw some flowers


Peeked into the forest-Too scared to go there on my own, though.


And came across this beautiful, lonely pond.


Tomorrow I will go again and I can’t wait to see all these stunning places again!





3 thoughts on “I WENT FOR A RUN.

  1. PatsyArts says:

    Thank you so much! Honestly, that running thing didn’t last me too long either. The healthy food maybe, but that’s all. I’m just happy I took some nice photos. 🙂


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