There are quite a lot of people in my life who I appreciate. Though, there are not so many from outside of my family. I’ve known one person for about three years now, and I would like to show my appreciation and explain why is this person so important to me.

This month is the last month that we see each other regularly and I felt like a goodbye without a cheeky little gift would not be the proper goodbye. My sort of artistic mind woke up and said: “Draw him something!” So I did. And because he is a REALLY good football player, I obviously chose a football theme.


I am not going to lie, as soon as I decided to draw him something, I struggled A LOT. As you may know, my art is not good when it comes to drawing people. I’m not a good friend with Mr. Anatomy. That means for the past two weeks or so, my sketchbook and all scrap pieces of paper I found were filled with all kinds of poses of all kinds of people. I just couldn’t find the perfect pose! One thing I knew was that I will NOT draw a face. Not just yet. That would end up badly. Even though I am still not 100% happy with this piece, it’s the least I can do for him.

I would like to thank him for his understanding and humanity. When it came to personal/health problems, He was the one I always spoke to and I could say anything without feeling misunderstood.

Thanks for his help that one time when my body decided to let me down. He did everything he could for me when my health wasn’t the best and everything he could for me to feel safe.

Another thanks goes to his sportsmanship. Seriously, look into the dictionary and he will be a definition of this word. He likes to be cocky, but in a really fun way. And he’s not afraid to accept that he is not perfect. You don’t find a lot of lads shaking a hand with you after a lost match nowdays.

Another thanks goes to his humour. It’s really not just “acting big headed, trying to look cool”. I can’t even count how many times his jokes blew my mind and filled it with little giggly creatures. He is the fun one at parties for sure!

And last but certainly not least thanks goes for every single talk I had with him. It’s the time when my mood can go from -1000 to +1087. Talking with somebody intelligent can really make your day better. Especially if you care about that person.

I am so sorry for this cringy post, I just felt like sharing my feelings was very important. Also, don’t think that this person is the only one I care about. Obviously I care about my family, friends or all of you. It’s just manners to do so to thank somebody for everything they did for me over the years under their wings. Please, understand that. ๐Ÿ™‚






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