HOW CAN YOU HELP? #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Do you know a person who has been acting strange lately? You don’t have to have a degree from psychology to help a little. It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and every single one of you can support and help other people.

MHAW17 Badge

For some reason mental health is not being taken as seriously as it should. It’s a big topic and huge problem nowdays. And if you are the one whose depression and anxiety affects your daily life, please, seek help. Friend, family, psychologist, anyone.

How can you actually help somebody who is going through hard times?

Don’t believe them if they say they want to be alone. In 99% of the time it’s not like that. Be there for them. If they were enough brave to open up with their problem, don’t let them down. They chose you for a reason.  Listen to them, support them, ask what they want to do. Try to stay in contact as much as possible and make them talk about how they feel. But it’s always better to actually set an appointment with a psychologist, because not everytime everything you do is enough.

Do Small things. Small things such as getting your friend out of the bed! Because for them, it’s really one big, major step. Go for a walk with them, or on an adventure out from the city, bring them a sandwich or do a sandwich together. Play games.. Simply keep them busy. Listen what they want to do. And if they actually suggest something they would like to do, it’s a big step forward.

Avoid questions like: “We all feel like that, It’s all in your head, you just need to relax.” Or don’t be somehow harsh and unpatient. The least thing they want is to feel like a bother.

If you want more informations about MHAW, be sure to check out their website , read the articles, they are really helpful and full of informations. You can also donate any amount of money you want. Everything helps.

Remember, you are not alone.




  1. Sometimes, the need for telling feelings is that you can feel somehow being symphatized for, and some people doesn’t want that… Though, I could still relate to your post, it actually works for people to open up!

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