A School trip


Me and couple of other girls from our school went to Pilsen for a football match Czech Republic vs. France. It was a very first match of the Women’s Championship and we had a chance to see it. Although the way to the city was very long and we had to wake up super early, we enjoyed it.


Unfortunately, Czech girls lost 1:2, but they played really good. By the way, I had some Instagram stories yesterday, so If you want to catch up and see more pictures, feel free to check out my Instagram!

After the match, we just walked around the city, although I wish we had more time to just walk around a little bit more, because there were so many beautiful houses and streets!



There was so much more to make photo of, we were in a hurry, though :/

Which cities have you visited lately? Let me know πŸ™‚




  1. That’s one breathtaking trip, hanging out with close friends to watch a sport competition! I used to have the same experience, as girls, we yelped in every missed points! Could you share more about the game? ^^


  2. Oh well, not much to say about the game to be honest. Just that we came late, so we didn’t get to hear both anthems, and that made us kind of sad. It was very first match of the tournament, so there was like grand opening, dancing.. But we weren’t there. Not much didn’t happen later on. πŸ˜‰


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