I finally have enough drawings and paintings for showing you! If I would be confident enough to show my worst artworks I would do this way earlier. But I am not. Not just yet. There will be some artworks that I’m not 100% happy with, but hey, no one is 100% happy with their work anyway.


This is a study of an eye I made with pastels. I am not really happy with how it turned out, especially the eyelashes, but the black pastel was so thick that there was no way of doing really thin line.


I honestly really like this piece. I struggle with skintones SO MUCH! And wnen i finished this I was like: “Wow, that skintone looks really nice.” It doesn’t have any background, because I was too afraid that I’ll ruin it.


This piece is not THAT recent, but I wanted to talk about this. Remember when I said “There will be some artworks that I’m not 100% happy with”? This is the one. I don’t like anything, BUT the background. As I was working on this one, It didn’t look as bad but the second I finished, I hated it. And now it’s sitting in my drawer!


This is really quick and sketchy.. sketch in my sketchbook, but I love it so much that I wanted it to be here.

These two are my babies, my OC’s, Lilly and Finn and they are best friends. I love drawing them, do stories with them.. They are just so cute. Don’t you like them too?


This is a little watercolour painting I did for Easter. Not very much to say about this to be honest.


This is my most recent page of my sketchbook. You can see that my sketchbook is really.. random.


BATB painting I am working on. As I said, I struggle a lot with skintones, so Belle’s skin is a real mess. And also poor Beast looks like a happy pig. Sorry Beast! But I’m not finished. So don’t judge me, okaay?


This is another acrylic painting I’m working on, there will be a looot of flowers! And a looot of purple. I will definitely let you know when I’ll be finished.

What is your favourite artwork? Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. Yes! Finally! Beauty and The Beast! I love Beast’s fur, actually. The textures seems complicated, all the chestnut hairy fur and the toning around his clothing, and just look at Belle’s dress! It’s amazing! The third art, the raven-haired girl with an exquisite hibiscus flower, could it be your first tryout? All of your works are clearly invigorating though, but surely you will soon have to evolve them.

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