This post contains SPOILERS. /Used pictures do not own me. 

Just recently I went to the cinema to watch a new life-action Disney movie Beauty And The Beast. I was really excited and I couldn’t wait to finally see it. And because BATB is my favourite Disney movie EVER, of course i had to go.

Unfortunately, i couldn’t go to the cimena on 16th of March as i planned. The new date was 18th of March. That was even harder for me, because Disney Youtube channel uploaded WHOLE SOUNDTRACK on Youtube and I was really struggling with not playing any songs. Though, i couldn’t wait and then i felt extremely quilty for playing two songs.

But let’s talk about the movie..

Thourghout the movie I laughed, I cried, I sang.. I was having the time of my life. Everything looked unbelievably goregous. The castle, village, the effects and the clothing.. Let me talk about Belle’s dresses for a minute. Her blue village dress was so smart, simple and pretty. And her yellow dress was absolutely stunning. When they were dancing, it looked like it was floating. It was dancing beautifully. People say that the dress was not as pretty and rich as dress from Cinderella, but personally i like Belle’s dress more. It’s simple, yet elegant and Emma looks beautiful in it.


As I said, I sang a lot in the cinema. At first I was quite concerned about the songs, sounding too autotuned, because they sounded really “non-human” in trailers. But it sounded way more better in the cinema. Also, when you’re too busy with singing, you don’t really notice. But the real star of the show was definitely Gaston aka. Luke Evans. His performance was brilliant every time. And the song “Gaston” was real hype.


If you know me, you know that i can fall in love with pretty much ANYONE. The Beast  (Dan Stevens) looked so good! And I didn’t expect him to have his own solo! Now I am hardly obsessed. Thank you, Beast.

And what do you think about it? Did you like it? Let me know 🙂

Hugs, Patsy




  1. Hi there, Beauty and The Beast is also my favorite Disney movie. I too have been itching quite awhile until they released the full movie. About 10 minutes right after the movie started, I burst into tears, thanking the Production Teams, casts, and all staff members for such a magnificent show. I too agreed with you, Luke Evans is definitely the highlight star, his performances are outstanding and captivate audiences! Furthermore, Gaston’s live action character is far more impressive than the original, more characters and charms. Truthfully, I was a bit nervous by Emma’s voice back in “Belle” but throughout the movie, I found her voice as sweet as sugar, especially in the song “Something There”. THUMBS UP FOR THIS POST! Anyway, I did like to know your opinions regarding the distinction between Disney’s and Live action’s. I definitely vote for live action! Thank you and have a nice day!

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