You know, when a person makes a blog post, it’s usualy about something exciting going on in their life. Traveling, haniging out, amazing change in life, or just thoughts that go through person’s mind. And in my case, sharing artworks as well. But i’ve noticed that i’m not as active as i was earlier. That’s because nothing exciting is happening here.  

Lately, i’ve tried to add more pictures to my posts. But if nothing is happening in my life, you wouldn’t want to see same stuff over and over. Like in every article, there would be a photo of how i’ve tidy up my bed. Luckily, I have my whole next week to do something exciting here. Plenty of time fot traveling somewhere. I guess i’ll end up at my grandma’s, though. But even there i can make decent pictures and talk about stuff i did. Next thing that you will get here is another painting. I’m just now working on something. You could see a sneek peak on my Instagram, if you didn’t, here it is:


Also, about the photos. I know i wrote in one of my last posts that i will make more photos of myself. I would really want to, but again, why should i make a photo of myself sitting on my bed, if i can just go on really exciting place and take a photo there? Okay. Even though it’s one of the reasons, i’ll tell you the whole truth. I still didn’t get really comfortable with that. I wish i was photogenic as much as Zoe Sugg! I’m working on it. If you have any tips about being more comfortable in front of a camera, let me know, please.

That’s it for today, i just wanted to let you know i’m alive. Stay tuned for more posts that will come in next couple of days (i hope). Have a wonderful day. 🙂

Hugs, Patsy



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