Oh my god. What a struggle this was! But i finally finished it. MEET THE ARTIST 2017.


First thing i did was that i drew that.. human. It’s supposed to be me, but i’m not really sure if it looks like me. However, i was trying to draw my favourite outfit of mine. Black shoes, grey leggings (they are black in real life, but i didn’t want it to blend with the skirt), black skirt and white sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse. Yes, my style is very colourful..

Next step was to scan this. I couldn’t draw it digitaly, because i don’t have any program for drawing and not even a tablet. I opened one program i have and i tried to draw over the scaned drawing. When i was happy with the colours, i made those colour rectangles and filled the informations. There is my name, height, age, country i’m from and a zodiac sign in blue rectangle, things i like in yellow one and things i don’t like in orange one. And believe or not, one of the hardest things on this was chosing the right font. At the end, i used font “Bear Hugs” most of the time.

There are also things i carry in my bag (I hope I understood it correctly), so i drew my phone, of course, sketchbook (i don’t know what brand it is, sorry), random pens and pencils, and a book, which is “All The Bright Places” in the moment.

And i really liked the lined paper that Rin from DrawingWiffWaffles used in her Meet The Artist, so i used it as well.

If you have your own Meet the Artist picture, leave a link. I’ll be happy to see your drawings ๐Ÿ™‚

Hugs, Patsy


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