I’m sure that every single of you has a soft spot for at least one Disney movie. I have plenty of those.. I can seriously spend DAYS, just watching Disney movies. Maybe you know that my favourite is Beauty And The Beast, but that’s definitely not the only favourite!

Belle- Beauty And The Beast

I think we should start with the obvious one, right? I’ve been obsessed with this song for the longest time. Every time i hear that baker goes with this tray, I have to sing along!


Colours of the Wind- Pocahontas

I LOVE this song so much. Doesn’t Pocahontas have the sweetest voice? I was deciding if i like Colours of the Wind more or this song more.. You know what won.


How Far I’ll Go- Moana

You just can’t hate this song. I’m absolutely obsessed with this these days. Not just the lyrics and Moana’s voice is perfect, look at the animation! How far did Disney go? 🙂


I See the Light- Tangled

Is this song the reason why Tangled will always be better than Frozen? I think so. The feel of this song is unbelievably calm and romantic. And who doesn’t like this?

What are your favourite songs? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Hugs, Patsy


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