Couple of days ago, i painted Belle from Beauty And The Beast. You clould see it on my Instagram and yesterday on my Twitter. I was actually happy with how it turned out. It was something different than I usually do. I think it was actually the first time that i painted an actual human face on canvas.

I bought new paints and i wanted to paint something.. random, before starting my projects. And of course, Belle came to my mind. Maybe you know that i’m little obsessed with BATB. These paints are also not some.. professional art branded, but they are pretty good in my opinion.

color circle dim shades of yellow. vector illustrationI also wanted to include gold acrylic into my painting… Which i did! Also, i find really hard to shade yellow. You shouldn’t add too much orange, because then it will look too orange overall. I added grey or iIjust mixed yellow with LITTLE BIT of





And then.. I had to draw skin. Believe or not, it actually really hard to mix the exact skintone that you want. If you add too much orange, it’s too orange. If you add too much yellow, it’s too yellow and so on.. And when i painted it for the first time, the skin turned out WAY more brown than i wanted. So, for the second coat, i had to make it little lighter and when i finally found the tone i wanted, i finished it.


This is the finish picture. I didn’t follow the original dress design, but that’s okay. Leave a comment if you like it, or if you want to share some tips. 🙂

Hugs, Patsy


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