There is only one thing i cannot resist in any mood, weather or part of the day. Tea. And today, i’m gonna tell you which tea you should drink in different occasions.


If you can’t sleep or if you just want to relax a little bit with warm drink in your hands in the PM time, you should definitely try Herbal tea. Common types of herbal tea are camomile or peppermint. Camomile, for example, can even help you with boosting your imunite system, anxiety or.. menstrual cramps for that matter!




Many people preffer tea instead of coffee in the morning, so a black tea makes a perfect alternative. Black tea has more caffeine than any other tea, so watch out for that! You, girls with menstruation there, i would avoid black tea just for now. But if you dont have to deal with something like this, English Breakfast is a typical black tea for best mornings. Or if you still want black tea, but with a little bit of different flavour, i suggest Earl Grey.



Do you want to lose some weight, but still have a great day without any exercise?.. Maybe a little bit of exercise, okay… But you can help your body by drinking Green tea. Green tea has many benefits, such as fighting cancer, improving heart health, or it can apparently make you smarter?!



When you want to feel that sweet (no sugar!), fruity taste of hot summer day, take a sip of good old fruit tea. Now, for me it’s very difficult to find actually good, fruity tea. That’s probably why i don’t drink that many. However, these teas are vitamin AND energy bombs.


That’s all for today, leave a comment about YOUR favourite tea or suggest some more if you want 🙂


Hugs, Patsy


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