It was 4th of January, the most important day of my life. The day, when my rituals and horoscopes are the most inportant things on the world. I couldn’t listen to slow and sad songs, because they were just tearing my ears! I couldn’t think straight while listening to sad song. Because i was thinking about all the stuff that could happen. I walked through big piles of crunchy snow. The closer we were to school, the more i was nervous. I saw more people coming and my first reaction was: “Oh god, People! Go away!” Yes. I’m not very social person. We went to the school and you know, i expected a lot of people, a lot of boys… Nope! Just ten girls! I expected everything but ten girls and no boys? I didn’t saw that coming! Also, one girl looked totally like Emma Blackery. Not joking!


We had to do three different drawings on certain theme, but i don’t think i’ll talk more about them, because i don’t know if i can.. Sorry! Oh, and we also had to show ten artworks from home. I had more than ten and I also had an USB with couple of photos and link to my blog. (Tricky, eh?)

Overall, i got 38 points from all of this, which meant i can come 6th of January for second part of exams.

This time, with actual tests from Czech language, from random things like Geography and History and then the thing that i was afraid of for couple of months.Chat with teachers and headmaster. Or more like interview?

After tests, we were waiting in the classroom before the teacher started calling us to the headmaster’s office. When it was “finally” my turn, i stepped on big threshold of door to the office and i was waiting until the teacher said i can go in. With nervous shivers and forced smile i walked in and sat before three teachers and a headmaster.

I can tell that i was nervous and shy all the time. That’s just how i am. But they weren’t paying attention to this. They just wanted to see what i know. And hell i knew a lot. Literary, when i said name of Sherlock Holmes’ author, they were really surprised! And they were really excited about my blog as well, which makes me really happy. Again, i’m not going to talk about all the questions, because i don’t think i should.  Overall, they were all really nice and even though i didn’t enjoy single second of this, at least i showed what i know. I don’t know the resaults just yet, but i hope it will turn out fine. It has to.

I will tell you the final results later. But now, we have to wait. See you next time.


Hugs, Patsy


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