This day is probably one of the best days of my life!

In our school, we have a Market every Easter and Christmas. Students make stuff either individualy at home, or in art lesson in the school. My class was never interested in these markets and we had minimum stuff to sell. But this market was different. It was our last Christmas market, so we wanted to at least sell little more than usually. I did little candy surprises that kids love to buy, so i knew this will be sold quickly. And it was.

But I also made two paintings. One was with an Enchanted Rose from “Beauty and the Beast”. You could see that one on my instagram. And second one was smaller, like a night city’s sidewalk with snow. I was really happy with what i painted and i felt really sad about selling them, especially the Rose one!


The Market started in 9:00am. I’ve seen so many students just walking around, looking on all the tables that were in the hall. I’ve sold some of the sweets, couple of other things that we had. But suddenly, a girl came. She wasn’t much younger than me, i didn’t know her, though. She was looking on both paintings, but she eventually chose the Enchanted Rose. It was so hard to sell this painting because Beauty and the Beast means so much to me! But i had to get it away.

In the meantime, i’ve seen one particular person walking around. Let’s just call him Mr. Charming. I’ve talked with him, telling him that we also sell my own artworks. He, as a true prince Charming started joking and he said that he’ll buy some when they’ll be in sale. I thought he was joking and he really didn’t care.

Because other people from my class wanted to sell stuff as well, i had to go back to the classroom.

After two hours, i came visit our little shop again and i’ve seen my little painting still on the table with slightly smaller price. I got little sad, until one of my classmates said: “Mr. Charming said that we have to save the painting for him. He’ll buy it.”

After i heared this. I got really happy. He really wants to buy it?..

Market was slowly ending, all students were going home, all teachers were going home and we had to end our shop. The painting was still there, though. I picked it up and went to the cloakroom. Suddenly, one teacher called me and said “Mr. Charming wants your painting! Come with me and i’ll give you money for it that he let you here.” First i didn’t believe, but right after i got money for that painting. I got really, REALLY, INSANLY HAPPY. He really bought it.

This has been my very first artwork selling and it was extemely successful.

And how did your day go? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

Hugs, VERY HAPPY Patsy πŸ™‚


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