Everyone has a weakness. Nobody is a Superman with no self-esteem problem and even though you might read all of the inspirational and motivational quotes on the internet, it’s not enough. 

We live in a world where people care too much about opinions from others. Either if it’s from family, friends or random strangers. People are scared of going outside when they are just a little different. People are scared of what others will think of them. But this is so worthless. There are much bigger problems in the world that you should care about. You will never see those judgemental strangers again. You shouldn’t care for some of your classmates or workmates, because they don’t play a single part in your life. They are not part of YOUR theatre play. They are not even an instrument in YOUR orchestra. (If..that makes any sense..)

We life in such a big world with SO MANY different people. There is not a single person who is completely same as you. They don’t have same sense of style,humour, they are not interested in things that you are. Don’t let people to change you. Don’t let them to think that being different is a bad thing.

If we all were the same, what a boring world would that be, wouldn’t it?


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