When famous artist shows his beautiful artwork to people, one of more common questions is always:”What supplies did you use?” Fine, i can tell you which exact Copic shade of pastel yellow i used, what exact brand of eraser i use, or how you need to sharpen your coloured pencil to get it THAT fine. But what everyone needs to know, good art supplies doesn’t make you good artist. You can have every single Copic colour, but when you can’t draw, you’re just going to waste your ink. And.. you don’t want that, do you? Best thing to do is to start with cheaper art supplies. Find different, cheaper versions of markers, coloured pencils, inks etc. and then move on to next level. 

However, i am not a famous artist. Nobody asks me what supplies i use. But since i want to prevent this questions to the future, here are stuff I use. 🙂

I didn’t take any pictures of what pencils and erasers i use, because they are just cheap, sometines not even branded pencils i found in something like stationery. All though one of the brands that is really common here in Czech Republic is “Koh-i-noor”. It’s like one of better brands here. And that’s the brand of pencil i normally use.

Drawing of Zoella I made.

Same with fineliners and inks, i use just cheap brands, no need of mentioning. I also use jellpen, one and only i have is “Dong-a Jell Zone” in size 0.7, again not a fancy one, but for small details it works just fine.


Now for colouring, i mostly use normal coloured pencils, again Koh-i-Noor branded. I bet they are not as good as for example Prismacolours, but they are pretty good. I also have watercolour pencils from them buut i still need to learn how to work with them. It always ended up bad.


As for markers, i have 24 set of Copic Ciao markers. They are almost same as Copic Sketch, they are just smaller, so they hold less ink.

You can look on what colours are in the set

Copics are double ended. Based on what marker you own, you get either one super brush nib and medium broad nib (Sketch,Ciao), or medium broad nib and fine nib (Original Marker) or you can get Copic Wide, which has only one, extra broad nib.

This is Copic Ciao colour Y08, ACID YELLOW

I bought new watercolours just recently. I painted and practiced with cheap watercolours a lot so i thought that i’m finally ready for something more fancy. I bought Koi Watercolour set of 12 colours and honestly, they are so good!


This set also comes with a Waterbrush. It’s a special brush, where you can put water so you don’t have to carry a glass of water with you.


This is everything i use, let me know which supplies you have and what would you recommend 🙂

Hugs, Patsy


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