So as you may or may not know, i had a LOT of blogs before this one. Honestly, if someone would find them, i would dig myself really really deep and die from embarrasment. All though i think they are all deleted by now. Thank god.

I started my *cough cough* amazing blog journey in September 2009 on Czech Blogging website. It was late in the evening and i remember i was really happy that i finally got to do it, because i read couple of blogs before. And these blogs, including mine was about.. Tomb Raider. I was SO OBSESSED with that game and i still am. I had this blog probably one or two years and i would say it was a great first experience with blogging.  Even though from what i remember, the articles were absolute crap and i’m not joking!



The second blog i’ve ever had was more like this one. It was just plain online diary and i spent on that blog again, around a year. It wasn’t any interesting in my opinion, i just made it because i wasn’t interested in Tomb Raider that much anymore.

I sure had some pauses from blogs before i made another one, because i usually ended a blog when i was bored with it.


Now we’re moving on to the year 2014 and i have another blog. (One fact. When i looked for this blog, i found it… and all the posts are still there! Oh god..) I’m just reading the articles from there and i’m dying from laughter. This needs to go out of the world right now!

One thing  did on that blog were “interviews” with other bloggers. And after one interview i wrote: “Who would like to be interviewed by me, please write me on my email and i’ll send you some questions” What the hell? Who would be so selfish and egoistic to actually do that?! 😀 And why was i so stupid?


“I hate when Czech people are saying that Americans are fat and stupid and that they are 24/7 in the McDonald’s eating hamburgers… Oh well.. Czech people are only going to fancy restaurants for salads, right?…”    I love this. Good job 2014 Patsy! 😀

Now i remember i had some short pauses and making blogs on couple of different websites and about different topics but quitting them right the other day. I just didn’t enjoy it as much.

And now, here we are. Me, fulfilling my dream of having an english blog. I really hope that this blog will get better then all the other ones, i sure will laugh at these articles when i’ll be older. But one thing i need to remind myself and remind to you, guys. Never, ABSOLUTELY NEVER make a duty from your hobby. Then you’ll feel like you just have to write an article on your blog. You have to make a Youtube video, you have to draw, play on instrument.. Never do that. You are free to do stuff that you like whenever you want.

It’s not a duty, it’s your hobby.

Hugs, Patsy


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