Bookshop Day


zoellabookclubBecause i wanted to buy some new books for quite a while, i decided to make a trip to big bookshop in the city. I was perticulary looking for books that Zoella (Youtube/Blog) recommended in her Book Club Picks. I wrote some names of those books and went for the book hunt!

I found one, in English it’s called “The Sky Is Everywhere” and i’m so excited that i found it. Currently i’m reading “Fangirl”, but i’m not really into it, so i’ll switch to my new book.” I was also looking into section with English books, and i regret that i didn’t wrote other names of books from the Book Club. I’m sure there were some of them and i didn’t noticed.


Also, I totally love the English cover of the book, but this Czech one is simple, but pretty. I also bought calendar and sketchbook, which i’m pretty excited about as well.

There is a coffee in the bookshop and i totally love going there. They have nice desserts, hot chocolate, coffee and more and more delicious stuff.


I also went to the galery, but i wasn’t allowed to use camera there, so no photos.. sorry.

Tell me if you like to read books as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hugs, Patsy


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