So day before yesterday i thought i will write an article about what happened, post some new photos.. but nope! Our Wifi at home stopped working. Lemme tell ya, whole afternoon without internet is pretty hard, especially now when i spend on the internet most of my time and it’s part of my daily routine.

One thing i did was that i finished Girl Online.. for 2nd time. I could talk about this book over and over.. it’s really great. And i can’t wait for 3rd part of this awesome book!

Now, as the title says, we in Czech Republic have holidays! Just for end of this week., but better than nothing, right? Right. I decided i wanted to spend my holiday at grandma’s. I really needed to go out of the city.


I’m not gonna lie, i really missed it here in this time of the year. Summer may be pretty, but autumn is an absolute beauty.

Also, grandma has a puppy! She’s not somehow.. nice, though. I mean.. I like her (obviously).. but i don’t like her when she bites! She has 6 months, she’s really cute, but she’s crazy.. really crazy.


And i’m really sorry that this picture is blurry, but it was a HUGE struggle to keep her on place!

20161026_093159.jpg 20161026_093137.jpg

Huge struggle i say.. If you have any suggestions about How to stop 6 months old puppy from biting, please let me know in the comments!

Anyway.. i needed to find drawing inspiration again. So i was smart enough to take one particular book with me. It’s Leonardo da Vinci’s Graphic book.It has around 750 pages and on every page is Da Vinci’s sketches of people, plants, maps, landscapes, anatomy, doodles, preliminary sketches of..Last Supper for example. It’s really great book and it’s awesome for getting some inspiration.

leonardo_drawings_hc_ko_gb_3d_05421_1503121834_id_910110.png  Leonardo_drawings_musculature.jpg

That’s it for today, write to the comment section what you did last days 🙂

Hugs, Patsy




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