Art Competition

The thing i was afraid of for probably month was finally here. School Art Competition. I didn’t know what to expect, i didn’t know what topic we will have, i simply didn’t know anything.

Whole day was always these days after all.. I didn’t make any photos when i was in the city, even though i saw so many things that were worth of it. We came to the school where the competition was organized. They had three categories. First categhory had simple english, second one had more difficult and the third one, where i was, had most difficult level of English.   We got our topic, it was part of some kind of story. Long story short: Guy named Tom was painting a fence and his friend came to help him. I wasn’t really happy with how my picture turned out, but hey.. I WON 3RD PLACE! I was really happy and surprised, there were a lot of  great pictures. I mean.. i won just because i had my lucky charm Rarity…


…Right?! No.. Thanks Rarity for giving me inspiration! ❤

Anyway, the prizes were pretty neat as well, i got 18 Watercolour pencils:


Finally something new into my art stuff collection.

I also got little sketchbook with 80 sheets and 120 g/M2 paper and plastic paper folder with Pisa Tower picture on it.   I’m overall happy with how this day turned out, i have some new experiences and i thing i made my teacher proud.. #Proudteacher

I hope you enjoyed this day as much as i did. Until next time, Bye! 🙂

Hugs, Patsy


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