Autumn Day

autumn-fall-leaves-pictures-collage-pngI love Autumn, especially when i have a chance to actually walk outside, in a rain, watching nature slowly turning from cold green colours to warm and cozy shades of orange, yellow and red. Right now I’m sitting on by bed with hot cup of Earl Gray tea in my hand, but when i think about stuff i saw today, it surely makes me smile.

Normally i don’t enjoy spending six or more hours in school, but when Autumn hits the nature, i have finally something to look at. I sit right next to the window and in my free time, i love looking outside.


Look at the goregous colours on this tree!


Anyway, after the school, i went to the shopping centre. I saw so many beautiful pieces including one stunning shirt with Peter Pan collar. I was probably so out of my mind that i forgot to make a photo. If you don’t know what Peter Pan collar is, click HERE. Only thing i bought was Grayish-Blueish scarf. I’m so excited to wear it now. If you would want photo of it, let me know in the comment section and i will eventually do it.

When i was on my way home, it started raining.



So I hope you enjoyed this day as much as i did, for sure let me know in the comments about your adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

Hugs, Patsy


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