It’s amazing how a place, that looks so ordinary and dull in Summer, can look so beautful and unusual in Autumn. I personally do not enjoy Summer as much as any other season. So, as soon as I knew I’ll be able to go out and snap some pictures of rainy, autumn garden, I got REALLY excited. Here’s what caught my attention:

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Remember the post, where I was struggling with my Art Style? Well, I still am. But I didn’t give up and I continued with my mindless doodling and sketching into my sketchbook and I want to show you what I did 🙂

If I’m really lost and I have NO IDEA what to draw, my one and only help is to browse Pinterest. There are so many amazing pictures of nature, people, clothing, interior design… pretty much anything you can think of.  And this specificly was a portrait of woman I found in there, so I tried to draw it. Yeah, I’ll be better…

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I can’t believe the Summer is already gone! The autumn is officially here and I cannot wait for what upcoming months will bring. But first of all, I want to sit down and look at the stuff I managed to do this summer.

I’ve been trying to enjoy every bit of my holiday break. Whether I was at home or not, I didn’t let anything to ruin my two months of free time. Continue reading


First of all, I would like to thank to all people that commented on the previous post. Your advices and support really helped me and got me on the right track for once again. You are the best!

I know that every single artist struggles with question “What’s my art style” at some point in their life. Do I want more cartoony style? Do I want to be realistic? Do I prefer painting? I’ve always struggled with this. I don’t think I’ve ever looked on my art and said: “I really like my art style in the moment.”  Continue reading


Hello everybody.

Today, while making myself a cup of tea, my dad came and excitedly said: “Just two weeks and you’ll go to your new school!” You may know that from the 4th of September, I will be a student of an Art school. And honestly, I am absolutely terrified.

New classmates, new teachers, new classrooms and new expectations. From that moment, I can’t stop thinking about what if I won’t find any friends or what if the teachers will hate me. Or that all my art.. stuff will be the worst. I have no idea what to expect. Knowing that I will spend another 4 years in a place I have to clue about is scary.

So I figured out that I will write about it here to clear my head a little. And you guys give amazing advices. What would you do if you would be in this situation? And how do you overcome your fears?